About Me Heather              Welcome!

It’s nice to meet you here at this point on the path. I am Heather and this is my web site. I live in Edmonton, Alberta and I work with people who want to change the direction of their lives.

So often in our day-to-day interactions we are only halfway present, but the work of understanding our 'Self' and making sense of our relationships with others comes when we bring all the parts of our self together.

In counseling, I support people of all ages to better understand their own internal world (the world of the self) and their external relationships (with family, friends, co-workers). We are inherently relational creatures and our relationships are improved in measure to how we understand our selves. 

Psychotherapy or "talk therapy" has come a long way. We have more information and evidence-based methods for counseling interventions than ever before. We have grounded theory (like the work of Brene Brown and the Gottmans) and access to the ever expanding field of brain-based research. Our increased understanding of the brain in relation to our body, mind and spirit, facilitates individual trauma processing in a whole new way. We can use evidence-based therapy interventions to lessen uncomfortable symptoms (e.g. anxiety or depression) and restore a sense of calm within the self. These interventions can be used in individual counseling or in relationship counseling. 

When a person gets to a point that they are ready to give up old ways of thinking and being in their life, counseling helps to clarify a new direction and provide the tools needed to move in that direction. It's often signals from our internal world (thoughts, feelings, body sensations) that tell us we are uncomfortable or not in the place where we want to be. These signals become the guideposts to setting a new direction and moving toward the life we desire.

I see that it's in the foundation of self-acceptance, cultivating intuition and using evidence-based interventions that we truly can change the direction of our lives. 

I’ll stop here for now, but please feel free to browse around. 


Heather Mackay
(780) 886-1007