My name is Heather Mackay. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker, psycho-therapist and cultivator of spiritual understanding. 

Personally, I have always sought the answers to the bigger universal questions. I always felt like I was searching for a truth about the nature of the way things are and our place as humans. I spent time looking for that truth-- in school, relationships, religion, philosophy and travel. 

I finally found a teacher and a tool* that allowed me to have experiences that would lead to a deeper understanding of my self and my life. 

I have never been one to accept a truth on faith alone. I like answers that are real. Having my own experiences that led to my own answers allowed for a depth of understanding that can never be had from listening to others or reading a book no matter how wise the talker or the writer. 

What I know now is: 

There is no need for belief or faith alone when you have your own experiences that lead to your own understandings.

Authority always lies within and is waiting for you.

Your life (my life) as it plays out day-to-day is a direct reflection of your inner struggles.

When you develop internal resources and sort out the inner struggles, the day-to-day life will reflect that. 

Change is possible! There is a world of untapped capacity and potential in each of us!


Of course, what you may want to know in reading this is something about my external life and not just my reflective one. Let me tell you.

I went to school for a long time. I have a Bachelor of arts in Psychology and Sociology (1992); a Bachelor of Social Work (1998) and a Masters in Social Work (2000). 

I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RSW #5864/RCSW #16375) with the Alberta College of Social Workers. 

My own journey to self-discovery and living intentionally began in 2006. I consider myself a student and a teacher in the ways of understanding the spiritual Self.  

I am a committed partner and mother of three growing daughters. I love being near my family-- even when they drive me crazy. 

I truly enjoy people and sharing the journey of growing and changing as a human being and spiritual being.


Thanks for reading! 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call. 



*The teacher is Ellie Hernon and the tool is based on her Accipio or white board work.