Individual Counseling

My counseling style is based primarily in existential-humanist and feminist philosophies. I am also an on-going student of neuroscience and value evidence-based interventions. I appreciate a variety of ways of knowing, from intuition to instruction. 

In the work I do, I often see the inherent struggle of being where we are and the desire to grow toward our wholeness. We can know where we want to be, but struggle to get there. It's not as simple as deciding to change and <poof> things are different. It's a process of increasing our self-understanding and cultivating change within our self. In the language of neuroscience, it's about creating new neural pathways to have more choices available to us. 

I believe in choice at all levels and see much of who we are in the present as a series of circumstances and choices. I believe we all have an inner voice and wisdom and that through a deeper self-understanding we can improve our present circumstances and thus the kind of choices we have. Using our current understanding of the brain we can use interventions that lead to lasting change. We don't have to continue to suffer or settle-for when there are other options open to us. 

I view the role of a counselor as a facilitator who helps another person to come to their own insights while providing relevant information and at times, alternative perspectives. And we all do better when this can be done in a context of acceptance and empathy. My role it to provide that context. 

Counseling allows for a confidential, safe environment where a person can speak honestly; reflect on thoughts, feelings and beliefs; learn techniques for greater self-understanding and let go of that which impedes everyday joy.

Feel free to give me a call to ask questions to see if there is "a fit".

Thanks for taking the time to check out this point on the path. :-)