I work with teens from an existential and feminist view. Often teens want to have a safe place to explore thoughts and feelings about new ideas and experiences. It can be hard to know who can hear what they have to say on hard topics such as: relationships, sexuality, self-harm, suicide ideation, drug use, peers and pressures in general. 

I have an extensive history in reproductive health and I also offer "the talk"- a single session of sex education regarding sexual decision making, birth control and sexually transmitted disease. I provide information verbally and written. 

I have worked with all different kinds of teens and the one thing that they share in common is the developmental task of figuring out their place in the world while striving toward adulthood. Sometimes, this 'exisitential crisis' includes struggling with figuring out: "who am I?", "what's really important to me?" and "what do I want in life?". Counseling can help facilitate a teen's exploration of these questions while bringing in information and a critical awareness of the world at large.

I am also an on-going student of Art Therapy. The use of art interventions with teens can be very helpful when expressing their anxieties, self-deprecating thoughts or self identity can be difficult. Spoken words can be limiting whereas art can be a means to opening up and exploring self in a safe environment. 

For the first session a legal gaurdian must be present to discuss the terms of counseling and sign consents. After that counseling is individual with the teen and the parent or gaurdian is brought in as needed. 

Feel free to email or call with any questions. 

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