"The Talk"

You have questions, I have information! 
Many parents are earnest in wanting their son or daughter to have access to unbiased secular information regarding sex and sexuality. Bad information seems to be everywhere so how do you ensure your child has a place to get accurate up-to-date information about considerations, choices and risks regarding sex and everything that goes with it? 
You want to give your teen information and let them know that there is no rush in jumping into a sexual relationship. You want your son or daughter to know about respecting emotional and physical boundaries- their own and their partner's- and how to recognize when those boundaries are getting crossed. Maybe you know your daughter is ready to have sex, but you aren't sure what the birth control options are. Perhaps you recently found out your son is having sex and want to ensure that he has information to help keep them safe.
I worked for 10 years with women and couples in reproductive health. I can assist you by providing your adolescent child with a place to ask questions and get answers.

I offer a single session of reproductive health information, questions and discussion. It's the 'Birds and the Bees' talk, but you don't have to do it. I customize the session as it fits for the family. The session can include one or more adolescent with or without the parent present. The topics I can cover include: 
       -how do I know when I'm ready to have sex?
       -healthy versus unhealthy boundaries;
       -birth control: types, risks and benefits
       -sexually transmitted infections
       -sexual orientation: when/ how to come out
       -options for unintended pregnancy

       -pornography- risks of looking on-line

My role is to provide information verbally and in written format; answer questions and generally engage in a discussion about sex and sexuality with your son or daughter.

I use resources from Sexuality and U and Health Canada. I answer medically-related questions where I can offer written information from a reliable source. Please note: for specific medical questions for your child, I will refer you to your doctor. Most forms of birth control require a prescription from a doctor. 
A parent's signature is required on the consent form and so a parent must come with their child for at least the first 10 minutes. The session is 1-1.5 hours depending on the needs of the family.
Feel free to give me a call with any questions or concerns. :-)

Thanks for taking a moment here,